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Q. How many hours of work is too many?
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Business Ethics D’vrai Torah

Parshat Tezave: Improper Use of Company Resources
by Rabbi Yoel Domb



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New book from the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem

ethicistbookThe Jewish Ethicist, our weekly Q&A column which provides advice on everyday business and work dilemmas, is now available in print. Read expanded explanations of the issues covered in the Ethicist column and new topics, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish ethics.

The Jewish Ethicist: Everyday Ethics in Business and Life is available in your local Jewish bookstore or online. (Order online and save 20%)

No areas of modern life present more moral challenges than our involvement in work and business. Relevant guidance and answers to these issues can be found in abundance in Jewish teachings, offering common ground for all people on some of the most critical issues facing modern society.

The mission of the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem is to encourage and promote high standards of business integrity and economic honesty through creating an awareness of Jewish ethical teachings.