About the Center

Mission statement

“To encourage and promote high standard of business integrity and economic honestly through creating an awareness of Jewish ethical teachings.”

Founder: Dr. Meir Tamari

Dr. Meir Tamari is the founder and was the first Director of the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem. Despite retiring in 1999, he continues to actively serve as its senior consultant and President of the Board.

Dr.Tamari served in the Bank of Israel for 30 years, eventually rising to the position of Chief Economist in the office of the Governor. He also served as a specialist consultant in the fields or risk evaluation, small firms and entrepreneurship for the British, Japanese, French and US governments as well as the World Bank.

Dr. Tamari was a lecturer in corporate finance at Bar Ilan University, where he developed the first academic course in Jewish Business Ethics. He has lectured at universities around the world on the topic of Business Ethics and is a consultant for the Jewish Association for Business Ethics in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Tamari authored the article on Jewish Business Ethics in the Encyclopedia Judaica and the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Ethics, and is the author of several definitive books and papers on the topic.

Dr. Tamari is recognized as a world authority in the field and has published 5 books in English and one in Hebrew.

A native South African, Dr. Tamari moved to Israel in 1950 and lives with his wife Devorah in a suburb of Jerusalem.

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Who’s Who at The Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem

The Center’s professional staff includes:

Director:Pinchas Rosenstein
Research Director & Author of The Jewish Ethicist:Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir
Environmental Responsibility Unit Director:Akiva Wolff
Projects & Programs Coordinator:Sharon Kaniel
Programs Development Coordinator:Moti Ben Shushan
Researcher, author of Business Ethics D’var Torah:Rabbi Yoel Domb
Website Editor & Webmaster:Michael Gros

Board & Advisory Committee

The Center has a specific Board that consists of academics and businessmen. A sub-committee constitutes the oversight body for the Center’s activity.

Founder & President:

Dr. Meir Tamari

Vice President:

Prof. Meir Heth


Shlomo Handel & Sholom Menora


Cecille Erez-Blilious

Other Board Members:

Yossi Tsuria

Prof. Yaakov Zeisel

Sanford T. Colb

Prof. Yehoshua Lieberman

Pinchas Landau

Attorney Chaim Jeremi Crown

Avraham Gan Tzvi

Prof. Shlomo Ekshtain

Emanuel Dorenstein

Morris Smith

Mark Lesnick