Ethics in Hi-Tech

Business activities in the Hi-Tech sector raise a complex combination of ethical challenges that do not always appear in other areas of business activity. The Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem has launched a new project to identify ethical issues specific to conduct of business in the Hi-Tech sector.

The project involves research, the development of teaching programs, seminars, conferences and the development of a specific Code of Conduct for this sector of industry.

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Israeli High School Projects

Formal Program

This unique framework introduces the study of contemporary social and ethical issues from the perspective of Jewish sources and is run primarily in the Israeli secular school system. The year 2000 pilot project is aimed at high school students matriculating in economics and accounts for 20% of their matriculation grading. The full program aims to introduce Jewish business ethics into the formal high school studies leading to matriculation in additional subjects such as business studies & entrepreneurship. The project also includes a nationwide essay competition open to all participating students.

Informal Program

The Center offers a program of 12 informal teaching units for use in high schools throughout the Israeli educational system. The program introduces high school students to moral dilemmas related to money and business and provides suitable source material for the study of the ethical principles from both secular and Jewish sources. Each study unit includes a teaching guide, student materials & a video trigger film. The program is suitable for both religious & secular schools.

Teacher Training

The Center offers in-service training programs on moral education relating to business and economic issues for Israeli teachers or visiting teachers from overseas. Programs can be designed to cater to the specific needs of each group.

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The High School programs are run in conjunction with the Institute for Ethics in Economics and are supported by a grant from the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI).


Training for Companies & Organizations

The Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem offers training programs for companies and organizations. The service is primarily available in Israel and is offered to Hi-Tech industries, traditional industries and other organizations.

The Center’s training programs are Case Study based and are designed to enable participants to identify potential ethical problems at work and to address potential solutions and methods of prevention.

For further information regarding training and consultancy contact Pinchas Rosenstein



The Center has a panel of lecturers qualified and trained to lecture on a wide variety of related topics throughout Israel. Overseas lecture tours can also be arranged.

These activities can either be lectures or textual study sessions, depending on the choice of the audience. These are meant for men and women, in business or professions, but also for educators and students at high schools and universities.

Examples of topics include:

  • Salesmanship
  • Labor relations
  • Ethical investment
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Competition, prices and profits
  • Advertising
  • Conflict resolution
  • Insider trading
  • Downsizing and unemployment
  • Ethical issues in bankruptcy
  • The corporate veil & Jewish law
  • Taxation
  • Welfare policy
  • Interest & usury
  • The Jewish perspective on earning and spending money
  • The economics of enough
  • Environment and development


Consultancy & Development of Codes of Ethics for Companies & Organizations

The Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem offers consultancy services for the development of ethics programs for companies and organizations. The services offered include the development of ethical training programs and the writing of company specific Codes of Ethics.

For further information regarding consultancy services contact Pinchas Rosenstein