With All Your Possessions

Book Review: With All Your Possessions- Jewish Ethics and Economic Life

Review by Murray Levine “Ethics in Everyday Life” The Jewish Spectator 1987

Judaism did not develop a specific economic theory or system. Instead, writes Meir Tamari, “It proposes a moral-religious framework within which the theory or system must operate.” The framework is that there is a divine economy that posits that the earth is the Lord’s and man has an allotted share. It follows that we have the obligation to conserve and preserve our share. “Halacha is the practical means of applying to daily life concepts of God’s ownership of material goods, man’s stewardship of these goods, and God’s active participation in man’s economic success.”

It is seldom that one finds such a wealth of material simply written by a scholar utilizing authentic Jewish sources still relevant in a single volume. Tamari writes comprehensively and expertly on Judaism’s economics in the Halacha and in Jewish life.

Review by Michael Novak who holds the George Frederick Jewett Chair at the American Enterprise Institute. New York Times

“Since these intellectual foundations are now the inheritance of all of us, this hand book will be invaluable for teachers of business ethics today, of whatever religious or humanistic framework, for it serves as an intelligent guide to the longest sustained (and concrete) tradition in thinking about commercial activities in the Western world. Mr. Tamari helps us know ourselves a little better.”

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